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Board Members & Advisors


SSDPP Advisor


    Zhang Wenkang

    Former Minister of Health
    Member of the Eleventh Standing Committee of CPPCC
    Deputy Director of Committee of Education, Science, Culture,

    Health and Sports
    Dean of Chinese Academy of Medical Health Policy,

    Beijing Normal  University





Board Members


Mary B. McDonnell (Board Director)
Executive Director, Social Science Research Council, New York


Li Shantong
Researcher, Development Research Center of State Council of China
Deputy Director, Academic Committee of China Development Research Foundation

Michael C. Storper
Professor, Paris Institute of Political Studies
Director, International Initiatives for the School of Public Affairs, UCLA

Anthony Saich
Professor, Harvard Kennedy School

Wang Yuan
Chief Economist, China Development Bank
Director, Education & Training Department, China Development Bank


Cecilia L. W. Chan
Associate Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences,
Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration,
Si Yuan Professor in Health and Social Work,
The University of Hong Kong

Yang Lan
Chair, China Sun Culture Foundation



Academic Advisors

Alan Christopher Walker

Professor, University of Sheffield, UK
Director, the National Institute on Aging, UK


Carol Anne Walker

Professor, Social Policy Department, University of Lincoln, UK

David Francois James Piachaud
Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK


Iris Chi

Professor, Department of Social Work, University of Southern California, USA


James Oliver Midgley

Professor, University of California, Berkeley (Dean Emeritus, 1997-2006), USA


Leonard Sidney Miller

Professor, University of California, Berkeley (Emeritus), USA


LEUNG Cho Bun (Retired)

Professor, Social Work and Social Administrative Department, University of Hong Kong


Peter Gordon Saunders

Professor, Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia


Sarah Cook

Director, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD)


Sven Hessle

Professor & Director, Department of Social Work, University of Stockholm, Sweden
Chief Editor, International Journal of Social Welfare


Chris Godwin

Director, Research Council UK, Beijing


Feng Lun

President, Vantone Corporation, Beijing

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