研究领域: 人格与社会心理学;心理健康和认知行为治疗

Honorary Professor
Department of Social Work & Social Administration
University of Hong Kong


·BSc, MSc (Psychology) National Taiwan University
·PhD (Psychology) University of Hong Kong
·DipClinPsych (Clinical Psychology) Massey University


Field of Interest:
·Mental health and maladaptive behavior
·Personality and social psychology


Courses Taught:
·Social Science Theories (Psychology)
·Human Behaviour and Social Environment
·Abnormal Psychology
·Mental Health and Maladaptive Behaviour
·Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
·Psychological Testing and Assessment


Selection Publications:
·Boey, K. W. (2000). The use of GDS-15 among the older adults in Beijing.  Clinical Gerontologist, 49(2), 49-60.
·Boey, K. W. (2001). Contribution of chronic life strain to mental health status of Chinese older adults.  Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 35(1), 39-52
·Boey, K. W. (2002). A cross-validation study of attitudes and commitment to organ donation in Hong Kong.  International Journal of Nursing Studies, 39, 95-104.
·Boey, K. W. (2003). Religiosity and psychological well-being of older women in Hong Kong.  International Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Research, 8, 921-935.
·Boey, K. W. & Chiu, H. F. K. (2005). Life strain and psychological distress of older women and older men in Hong Kong. Aging and Mental Health, 9, 555-562.
·Boey, K. W., Chan K. B., Ko, C., et al. (2007). Stress coping strategies and psychological well-being among nurses. In Chan, K. B. (Ed.), Work stress and coping among professionals. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill.



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